Best Tips To Write Online Short Story

If you’ve visited a website with an archive of short stories submitted, you’ll notice that some stories and authors draw a lot of readers’ comments and interest, while others do not. So, what is the magical element that attracts a large amount of readers’ movement to some stories, while others remain unknown and invisible and can not appreciate them?


The magic element is promotion.


Insurers and novice writers often make the mistake of assuming that the simple act of publishing their short slow and steady wins the race expansion online will be enough to attract readers. However, they fail to position themselves in the reader’s place. When confronted with a large archive of published short stories, the average reader often searches for the best short stories, or recently published. Some websites will display just a random sampling of stories from their archive. However, you will notice that in some cases, published stories are not necessarily best rated, nor have they been sent recently – as they continue to receive a multitude of daily readers’ movement. How do they continue to enter? The answer is that their authors go out there, spread the word, and let other readers on other sites know where to find their short messages. Some tips on what they do:


One Tip: Sharing links in your story


Said easier than done, right? Well, actually is very easy. All you have to do is go to where the community of readers and writers. Search for online groups and forums that are specially designed for people who love reading and writing short stories online. Join these groups – which usually require more than just a username and password – and then let your group members know where to find your stories: “Hi guys, check out my short story recently posted on this link …! ”


Publishing links to your story also helps shorten your story to get better coverage for search engines. But first, make sure that the site you choose is a site that is set up to display your short story correctly on search engines. To do this, simply search for a short story post and see how it is displayed on the search engine. Ideally, you might want the author to appear in line with the title of the story in the search list, since your personal line is ultimately your trademark mark as a writer.


Tip Two: Go Viral – Spread the word on social networking sites


As a writer, you should be aware that a social networking site can serve as an important weapon in your promotional arsenal. Web sites, such as Facebook or LinkIn, allow you to set up friendship networks or join groups of members with similar interests – in your case, groups of interest in literary literature.


On these websites, you can set up your profile page as you focus on gathering a network of friends and contacts. Then follow those connections to your publications and different links. Again, you want to post messages to your network contacts and group members like “Check out my short story on this link …!”


Tip 3: The value of marketing snippets


As you work to increase your social network of contacts and groups on these websites, you should start publishing selection excerpts from your story, along with a link. Once again, verify that your chosen website has been set up correctly to display these links attractively on social networking sites, providing your title and author in the published link. This strategy is what I describe as marketing excerpt. The key is to intrigue network friends with your snippet, urging them to click the link that brings them to your published story. For these purposes, choose short story excerpts that can stand on their own, which provide hooks, which is rare.


You do not have to stick to just one snippet of your story as well. If a short story with a large number of interesting clips to choose from, it will give you more opportunities to provide a series of broken links, with links, to the story to your network. Think of it as translating your short story through a series of short excerpts. But again, make sure that each extract is strong enough to stand alone.